City platform Street Voice

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City platform Street Voice

The Street Voice platform is represented by two big cubes, each composed of 27 smaller colored cubes. They can be assembled in different ways: for music concerts, public readings, discussions and work in the Internet (the cube has its own wi-fi point).

The project was launched in October 2010 on Andriyivskyy descent in Kyiv within the framework of the Goethe Institute’s festival “Game Street – Games on the Street”. As part of the program of urban transformations Generation Celebration, the platform has traveled to Uzhgorod, Donetsk, Kherson, Simferopol, and Vinnytsya. The platform’s functions were taken into account by the architecture bureau Zotov&Co to develop a concept of reconstruction of space on Andriyivskyy descent, 22-V. In spring 2011 the Street Voice was held on Andriyivskyy descent as a series of public sessions – concerts and programs, combining festival-like activities and critical approach to the concept of public space.

The Street Voice project has taken part in Euromaidan, Gogolfest, Book Arsenal, Ukrainian Fashion Week and other public events. At different times, the project was supported by the Goethe Institute in Kyiv, Fast Food Systems (Egoisty brand), the US Embassy, Pact Inc., USAID


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