Investor of Society

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Investor of Society

In 2014, Garage Gang NGO which coordinates the work of the Big Idea platform will launch a long-term venture philanthropy program “Investor of Society”. The program aims to promote sustainable social change in cooperation with entrepreneurs through the crowd funding mechanism. The main advantage of the program for business is the possibility to support projects that create innovations in the company’s sphere of interest.

Venture philanthropy on Big Idea is a transparent mechanism of funding of sustainable solutions related to the development strategy and social mission of business. It will provide a way to engage the company’s employees and clients in implementation of bold initiatives and at the same time encourage authors of the projects to use the best entrepreneurial practices from the field of social innovations. The growth of business relies on new ideas, favorable social climate and effective solutions for present-day challenges. The development of social innovations initially requires competent support and funding base.

The main difference of “Investor of Society” from the old-fashioned programs of funding of social projects is that the money given to nonprofits can also strengthen business. It is a win-win strategy. That is why Investor of Society is deeply interested in the success of social innovations he or she supports.

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