Art notebook “Beautifier of Thoughts and Actions 2”

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Art notebook “Beautifier of Thoughts and Actions 2”

The second edition of the creative notebook. A third of its pages are occupied with images and texts, and the rest is a free space for the owner’s ideas. The edition features Alevtyna Kakhidze’s jobbing font “A person is a sky of stars, a person is a universe”, explanation of the Integral Upbringing method, a reference book of city games, artists’ sketches and writers’ verbal cranks. The edition features the works of such authors as Oleksii Salmanov, Masha Makarenkova, Maria Honchar, Myron Tsovnir, Yoko Tavada, Artem Krepkyi, Vasyl Kostenko, Iryna Ozarynska, etc.

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