The program of urban transformations Generation Celebration

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The program of urban transformations Generation Celebration

Generation Celebration is a five-year program which includes innovative educational projects, creative practices, search for ideas and projects of modernization of cities and villages involving creative citizens, NGOs, local businesses and authorities.

As part of the program, Garage Gang Kollektiv and their friends set off for a 36-day tour across Ukrainian cities in a mobile communication center Fura Kultura which functioned as a traveling laboratory, a research studio, a wi-fi spot, a meeting point, a recording studio, a library, an art gallery, a caf?, and a poetic corner. The program included research of urban spaces according to the People’s Atlas methodology, building a communication network between the professional communities of the city, open breakfasts and lunches, evening film screenings, artistic interventions, discovery and development of new ideas of how a city can be reimagined.

The winning projects which were funded within the framework of the program: charity shop ?Happiness, popularization of the upcycling movement, animation studio for children and adults? Magic Lantern, Street University

The project was realized in cooperation with art center Kublo (Uzhgorod), HGO Totem (Kherson), Institute of Urban Development (Vinnytsya), NGO Podilska Hromada (Vinnytsya), initiative Xolst (Simferopol) and center Eco-art (Donetsk). Supported by USAID, Uniter, Pact Inc.