Mobile communication center Fura Kultura

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Mobile communication center Fura Kultura

Fura Kultura is a mobile communication center that travels across Ukrainian cities and functions as a research studio, a wi-fi spot, a meeting point, a recording studio, a library, an art gallery, a caf?, and a poetic corner. The program consisted of open breakfasts and lunches, morning exercises, creative talks, evening film screenings, artistic interventions. As a free unappropriated territory, Fura Kultura occupied public space and provided a neutral field for discussions on the local and national level.

Mobile communication center Fura Kultura was created as part of the program of urban transformations Generation Celebration 2010-2011. In October-November 2010, the mobile laboratory traveled over 10,000 km and became a center for urban interaction in Uzhgorod, Donetsk, Kherson, Simferopol and Vinnytsya.


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