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We spread the ideas of sustainable development, bond business and civil society, and invent programs of revitalization of cities

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« Spilnikosht» on Big Idea platform is the first and biggest online crowdfunding mechanism in Ukraine. It helps people find financial support for their projects among colleagues and adherents. Spilnokosht emerged out of need to support creative, media and educational initiatives, and develops in order to fund innovations in such fields as IT, renewable energy and social entrepreneurship.

Investor of Society is a program of cooperation between civic and commercial sectors. It invites businesses to support projects related to their development strategy. According to research, the majority of social projects are supported by Ukrainian business unsystematically. In the long run, it is disadvantageous both to business and sustainable development. The program of venture philanthropy Investor of Society provides a possibility to support projects that create innovations in the company’s sphere of interest.

Big Idea is a platform of active citizens, social projects and educational ideas. Big Idea provides a set of tools for pragmatic idealists who want to develop and implement their projects. The platform offers three services: Spilnokosht – online crowdfunding mechanism; Opportunities – up-to-date announcements about grants, internships, educational programs and travels; Practices – a media journal about social innovations, social entrepreneurship, new business models, ecological awareness, and the theory of change.

Social changes require an environment based on constant learning, mutual responsibility and exchange of ideas. We develop programs for civic and professional communities, projects of public space activation, local and international artistic initiatives. We implement models of cooperation for different stakeholders: SundayBorshch – a project of mini-grants from communities; Generation Celebration – a program of urban transformations supported by local authorities and business; Street Voice – urban festival of interaction between creative class and local communities.


Our projects

We implement projects that aim to influence social interests, build habits and spread values

The program of urban transformations Generation Celebration 2012 in the Crimea

Generation Celebration is an annual program that invites people of different occupations with common interest in positive transformations in their communities. The goal of the program is to unlock the creative potential of the community, stimulate interaction of cultures and ideas and encourage people with active citizenship who meet challenges and change the world around them.

In May 2012, the program of urban transformations Generation Celebration 2012 was launched on the Crimean peninsula. Participants of the program were the communities of Sevastopol city and four villages (Viline, Krymske, Prysyvashne, Tsilynne). Within the framework of the program, the mini grant project Sunday Borshch demonstrated the possibilities of crowd funding of projects by the community, Alevtyna Kakhidze’s art project “Maybe Miracle!” excited the villagers’ imagination, Alina Kopytsya’s workshops taught children how to remake garbage into new things, and public lectures of the invited guests showed how convenient and interesting for life and work our cities can become. As a result of the Generation Celebration program, the best projects were supported via the online crowd funding instrument Spilnokosht.

The project was implemented in partnership with the Civic Innovation Network, Centers for Development of the Crimean Communities and Pact Inc. with the support of USAID and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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We genuinely appreciate the support of international organizations, like-minded collectives and Ukrainian businesses interested in distribution of ideas of civic responsibility

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Social innovations

Sustania 2014: міжнародна премія для проектів сталого розвитку

Циркулююча економіка, шеринг-економіка, ефективне використання води, розумні ІТ-додатки, енергоефективне будівництво

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